Case Studies

Case Study 1:

How we recovered clients website from Penguin Penalty !

Before Penguin Algorithm Update, the website traffic was between 35,000 to 70,000 from December 2012 to June 2014.

Case Study 1

After the website got Penguin Penalty in July 2014, the website traffic was minimal till December 2015.

Case Study 2

We started working on the website from January 2016, and gradually, we have been able to recover the website from the Penguin Algorithm effect and increased the website traffic from 60,000 to 1,20,000.

Case Study 3

Case Study 2:

Organic Traffic Improvement

We have been able to increase the organic traffic to the website from 13,625 to 1,18,996 within 5 months from June to October. Is has been possible for us by following these steps:

  • By monitoring competitors’ backlinks
  • By creating quality website blog content on a regular basis
  • By creating a powerful internal linking system
  • By building quality links
  • By monitoring your overall SEO progress

By following the above-mentioned SEO strategies it is possible to increase the organic traffic to a website.

Case Study 4

Case Study 3:

National SEO Case Study

When the marketing managers of Yatan Holistic Ayurvedic Centre contacted our company for improving their online national SEO Ranking, they had a few website optimization issues that needed to be addressed.

The company’s address is showing up wrong in the Google maps and was facing a low ranking on the popular search engines. This is when our team of expert professionals addressed the concern of the company in fixing the Google address of their business and setting up their national SEO ranking in the popular search engines.

Sample List of Keywords on the 1st Page of Google

  • Panchkarma Detox australia
  • Face Reading australia
  • Panchakarma Detox Australia
  • Abhyanga Massage Australia

Google Ranking Positions

Keyword: panchkarma detox australia                                       Ranking Result: Position 4

National SEO Case Study

Organic SEO Traffic

Organic SEO Traffic

Case Study 4:

Local SEO Case Study

Local SEO Case StudyWhen CFTQLD Marketing Managers have contacted our company for improving their Online Ranking on the popular search engines (Google , Yahoo ), their website has a lot of optimization issues that needed to be addressed, properly. The company’s website needs proper optimization of their Local SEO ranking, to grab the attention of the local customers. All these matters are addressed by our expert SEO professionals, adequately. Our expert SEO professionals helped the company to improve the local SEO ranking of their company’s website and provide them competent assistance for their website optimization task.

Sample List of Keywords on the 1st Page of Google

  • Return to Work Coordinator QLD
  • Food Handling Certificate QLD
  • Food Safety Certificate QLD
  • Food Safety Supervisor Training Brisbane QLD
  • Responsible Service of Gaming QLD

Google SERP Positions

Keyword: food safety supervisor training Brisbane QLD                    Position:  3

Google SERP Positions Google SERP Positions 2

Organic SEO Traffic

Local SEO Case Study

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