Stay Away from Job Offer SCAM, We Recruit Eligible Candidates Based on Their Talent Only

Stay Away from Job Offer SCAM, We Recruit Eligible Candidates Based on Their Talent Only

Zebra Techies Solution has observed job offer scams going on to woo unsuspecting candidates and lure them to job positions with this company, and a few of the job offer victims are reported to have been financially cheated in the name of registration fee! Zebra Techies Solution unequivocally declares that we do never offer any job positions at our company in exchange of money from any job seekers, nor do we follow any unethical means of job placement at our organization. Our job positions are offered to those who are eligible to deliver our service requirements. We strictly follow standard human resource recruitment guidelines that all digital marketing and website development majors follow. That’s why Zebra Techies Solution requests every job seeker to abstain from any such dubious, fraudulent job offerings, contact our organization number or email to verify the job offer, if any, and follow steps responsibly.

Kolkata, India, March 29, 2023: In recent times, a few unethical fraudulent job scams have been reported to Zebra Techies Solution by a few job seeking candidates who fell victim to those job fraudsters who impersonated HRs of our company when they don’t have any sort of association with our company. Hence, the company requested everyone to report dubious job offers to the nearest police station or a cybercrime police station immediately and clear away from those job scammers.

We would like to draw the attention of job seekers to a few things-

      i) We do not send job offers on Whatsapp, Telegram, any other social media platforms or via SMS.

     ii) We never ask for a deposit of any money in exchange for job offers.

    iii)  We do not offer any part-time/work from home online job offers. We ask candidates to come to our office for 10AM-7PM standard work hours by using our offcial email id: only.

   iv) We never ask for a credit card or debit card or bank account-related information neither from candidates nor from our employees. We ask for our employees’ bank account number and bank names for the purpose of salary transactions.

   v) We do not ask you to give online reviews/likes/followers/video view in exchange for money for us or for our clients.

   vi) We hire dedicated and deserving candidates through an intensive recruitment model involving 3 interview rounds at our office/s only.

We recently noticed that numerous job seekers have come forward with WhatsApp chats related to these fraudulent job offers, which promise high-paying positions within Zebra Techies Solution. These scammers have used different tactics to convince candidates to make payments, including promises to pay in cryptocurrency and other fake accounts.

Generally, job scammers offer initial token money for fake reviews, likes, video views, followers, and similar types of work. Subsequently, they gradually increase the offer. Once the victim (innocent job seekers) is convinced, scammers invite them to a private Telegram or other private chats where personal phone numbers are not visible.

In these private chats, scammers present fraudulent investment and job opportunities related to cryptocurrencies and other schemes. To support their claims, they have a set of individuals within the group who assert that they have achieved high returns on their investments. Victims often fall into this trap, leading to substantial financial losses, as they are unable to withdraw the significant amounts they have invested.

As soon as we became aware of this issue, we launched an investigation into these scams and are still working closely with law enforcement to bring those responsible to justice. We also lodged a police complaint in the cyber cell.

We urge job seekers to be cautious and immediately report fraudulent job offers to the nearest police station or cybercrime department and act like responsible citizens. If you get such fraud phone calls or Whatsapp texts from foreign countries like Pakistan, Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Malaysia, Romania, or even from India, etc, do lodge a complaint against the job scammer to your nearest police station or cyber cell cyber cell without wasting time or contacting us.

We also encourage everyone to take precautions against these types of scams, such as researching the company, checking its true online presence, detecting fake URLs or photos, not sharing any financial information, and never making payments before verifying the legitimacy of the company and so on.

We always take the security and well-being of our clients and employees seriously at Zebra Techies Solution. We will continue to work hard and try our best to prevent these types of scams from occurring in the future.

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