Compact Solution of Logo Designing

A logo is a single graphic which represents a company’s entire ideology and approach. A logo has different meaning to different field. People can remember about a company or product on seeing a logo. For the business owners and clients it stands for image branding and to the designers it is a tough job to present the entire matter into a single graphics. Here are all the tips to implement a satisfactory logo. If you are a designer, you must have to check it out. 1. At the Initial Stage:
  • Basic amenities of a logo: - There are certain things you have to know before starting the campaign. The definite characteristics of a logo are as follows:
i. A logo must be appropriate and simple. Do not overwhelmed with the concept to make a logo more complicated, but it should be simple carrying the definite purpose. ii. Always trying to launch a logo which will be time managing that means a reputed company’s logo is not for fewer days or several years, but it is for years after year. So, try to make the same in such a way that it can challenge and maintain the demand of time. iii. A logo must be versatile that means it must show the motive in different angles of view i.e. any angle.
  • Avoid duplicity: - Do not try to borrow concept or structure from others. We can see very frequently that one likes a logo and then make it different by changing the color and words. This is not the proper way of logo designing. Because you must be caught one day. So try to discover your own design and concept to launch a logo.
  • Make your charge proper: - If you are a professional designer, you are working for money. But don’t charge your client abstract. If you do so, your customer will be decreasing with time. Before you sign the contract, briefly analyze how many efforts it needs. Not only the matter of effort you must examine the number of presentable concepts, revisions and other vital inclusions in the logo. After all these put a reasonable price in front of the client and make a perfect deal.
  • Take references from other: - If you are a beginner in the field, you must examine how the successful companies have launched their catchy sign. Through renowned logos you will get the secret of success how a simple but symbolic logo truly works. You may take the logo of Nike for reference that it does not carry too much color or graphics, but it’s symbolic approach which is the sign of victory, placed its specialty.
2. Homework:
  • Online references: - After you have determined to start the campaign, you must make a research on the web. There are uncountable references that may help you in the task. The sites like Logo Gala or Logo Moose will help you for online logo research. Here you will get clear references what to do and what not. For unique keyword or idea you may take the help of dictionary or Google images. Your own sketches may help you out of finding new thoughts.
  • Your sketches are the resources: - Your earlier sketches may help you a lot to discover new ideas. As a professional you must have designed a number of logos and for that you have plenty of sketches. Do not devaluate them as they are worthy resources. According to Martin Christie, a renowned professional photographer quotes that “Old sketches can be a source of new inspiration.”
  • Research your audience: - You have to prepare such logo of a company that it should carry the information of the brand and service of the respective company. After all every measure, taken is for your business. So, you have to aware of the fact that the target audience must understand and realize the value of the logo, i.e. brand. I suggest you to consult with your client about the message and service of the respective company.
  • Throw yourself into yourself in the brand: - Not only for the message of the logo, to know about everything of the company must you dedicate yourself to the company. If you have less information about your client, you cannot represent the message accordingly. More clearly you must know about your client’s brand, what they do and what the demography is. If the brand has an earlier logo, you must examine that. After examining the earlier ones you should take suggestions from the client what changes in the information should be made.
  • Try to up-rise your client: - by representing an iconic and memorable you are going to store your client’s approach in the society for a long time. Moreover, the fact is that your expertise and client’s thought are the two major factors to design a logo.
3. Basic Designing Work:
  • Sketch the logo: - Most of the expert professionals have said that a pencil sketch is far better than computer software like Photoshop. A practical pencil sketch will be more experimental to find new ideas than computer software. So, it is recommended to use a pencil to make the sketch more close to your mind that conveys your ides correctly.
  • Advanced techniques: - After you have sketched the logo you can drag it to Photoshop to add other elements. Here you need help of computer software as through this it will be more presentable and advanced. The advanced software will also help to correct tiny mistakes and to make the sketch accurate.
  • Use vectors: - Vectors are appreciable in-between stage of logo design. Using this, instead of graphs you will be able to measure the scale and rotation of your creation.
4. Typography:
  • Avoid glittering fonts: - There are a lot of modern font designs which are mostly used by the designers, but I suggest you to build your logo more simple and regular fonts to make it more classic. If you use the glittering fonts, than the logo will be gimmicky.
  • Always choose a better typeface: - There are two possible ways to choose a typeface. You may use a custom typeface or make your own. In case of custom typeface do not try to use fashionable elements, but keep it simple and legible. Typeface always depends upon the combination of words. If the words are unusual then use the simple typeface and if the words are common then be more creative.
  • Using existing typeface: - Truly there is no specific rule to use your own typeface. You may consider the existing one. Try to make your logo with an existing typeface by extending, removing or joining parts of letters.
  • Consider a type only approach: - To launch an exceptional one you should analyze the inspired logo designers and their uses of typeface which may guide you a right path.
5. Positioning:
  • Surrounding space of a logo: - You must think about the placement and space applicable within the logo. You may ask your client what will be the position of the logo? If it will be placed at the top of an image or page then make it in the same way.
  • Use negative spaces effectively: - Try to use the negative and blank spaces effectively. You may take instances from existing company’s logos like Fed Ex as they have launched their logo in a better manner using the negative spaces correctly. Do not add pictures or shapes in the negative places, but try to keep it simple.
6. Graphic Design:
  • Be investigational: - Try to be experimental by using different aspects of society. You may bring the graphics with relevance to a famous singer who will be alive for years after years. More the graphics should be interesting and relevant to a renowned matter.
  • Use better colors and tones: - In logos colors are used to express meaning and message of the logo. So, before choosing the color combination you must consider which colors will best convey the thought. It may be black & white or colorful, but must be meaningful.
  • Make an active design: - If you are using moving articles as symbols in the logo, do not get puzzled with motion line. Suppose, you are using an image of bird or fish, then concentrate over the size and position that should better reflect its position and motion.
  • Reflect culture: - Be aware and reflect the culture in the logo. In the western countries. Use the aspects of progressiveness and forward thinking to make your logo more attractive and praiseworthy. Moreover, always try to proceed according to the principal of the market.
7. Make it Advanced:
  • Create responsive logo design: - In the world of web your logo will definitely be used on websites and applications. If on a large content you place a small logo only bearing the name of the brand, it will be awkward. Try to add some attractive words that make the logo suitable on any content large or short.
  • Logo must match several backgrounds:-Try to launch a logo that should be appropriate to any kind of background. The background may be dark or white; your logo will be sparkling on it. For instance I may refer the name of YouTube as it well reflects on any colored background.
  • Always use limited fonts: - Do not ever try to use more than two fonts. If you want to be your logo clearly reflecting always, you should use single or preferably two fonts at a time.
  • Use simplified and subtracting design: - This way your logo will reflect much. You must see that simple logos always carry symbolic thoughts. Try this feature.
  • Make a lock up version: - You have often seen that many logos bear a slogan or tagline. This is much better, but you must keep in mind that the element and tagline must be relevant. Each them generally depends upon each other. This is known is “lock up”. The sense will come when the two elements work equally on brand.
8. Functionality:
  • Experience the both softcopy and hardcopy: - While implementing the logo you must keep in mind of the view both on the computer screen and a roadside banner. The client may ask you to prefer the digital way, but you must make your client understand the importance of both. So, structure the format in such a way that it should fit anywhere.
  • Mind about the future: - Most of the logos are prepared for using year after year. So, try to launch yours in such a way that it will never be backdated. Do not try to be more literal as a company which is selling electronic goods today, may reach in the space in future. In need the logo will be edited in near future. The element may be the same, but the aspects may differ.
  • Make a legible logo: - Make your logo clear and simple that can be read easily and quickly. No one will spend much time to examine the logo, but you have to catch the attention of the audience at a glance. There may be variation in printing, weight and color, but it must be legible.
9. Business Approach:
  • Place a meaningful object: - A logo must bear the sign of the respective brand in which it is involved. Suppose anyone is finding for a car and he finds a company having an image of wolf. The visitor will be confused that the company is stressing on the speed and efficiency of a car or anything else. So, before launching the object think about this.
  • Don’t mingle logo and brand: - A logo is the representing image of a brand. You must not put the brand image on the logo, but try to represent the same in a better way, like an inspiring image or color. If you are presenting your brand with a tagline as a logo then show example of the same in your initial presentation.
10. Feedback:
  • International promotion: - If the logo will be promoted globally, then you have to take special measures to construct it. At the initial period a company usually targets the local geography, but if it has aspiration to spread worldwide then its logo will differ. Try to gather feedbacks by promoting the logo worldwide.
  • Know about client’s queries: - After the completion of the logo, you must ask your audience how it is. It will prove the fruitfulness of the logo at a glance as it is the common audience who will determine the destiny of the logo.
  • Check the logo design personally: - After the completion you must send the logo to your family and friends and they first verify it. In this concern I may remind you the logo of KUDAWARA Pharmacy as their logo had been determined bearing dirty mind. So, check yours from each and every angle, if there is any filthy concept or image hidden within it.
  • Explore the hidden words: - Check your logo if there is any hidden word which cannot be read formally. There are some logos which are written in lower case and some vulgar pronunciation within that. Before sending the logo to the client check carefully.
11. Guides:
  • Check the logo style guides: - In the world of web there are certain references to guide you choose a logo style. It will help you understand the positioning, color option size, typefaces along with a guide how the logo will work on different backgrounds.
  • Stress over positioning, size and color: - Make a specific guide for size, color and positioning of your logo. It will be better if you specify the minimum size of it that should match on any size of paper or screen. Regarding space I am recommending you to leave a place blank below the logo that must be a quarter of the width. A style guide may also instruct you about the color combination. With such guide you’re your logo will be more perfect.
12. Other Tips:
  • Use the logo design flowchart: - It is very hard for the beginners to understand where to start. You must follow a foolproof flowchart which will instruct you how to proceed.
  • Understand the logo color and shape: - You must examine some logo shapes and colors which are traditionally used. The logos of some renowned brands may help you in this matter. Another matter is psychological colors that should be reflected on the logos.
  • Gather inspiration from the best logos: - If you are in complication of making such logo, just gather inspiration from the top logos around the world. You will find the list at best 50 logos and get a better guide.
So these are all about the logo designing. If you are the beginner try all of these in a better care and make your client happy. Do not forget to leave your responses. All the best.

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