Distinguish between Static and Dynamic Website

At present in the world of web site approach is far important as the first impression of a business or product is made by a website. There are two kinds of sites on the basis of inner structure. One is static and another is dynamic. In this post I have discussed the slight differences between the two that you can determine what to choose. Static Website: The website that only use HTML and CSS coding are popularly known as Static website. There is no any uses of scripting except these two coding language. If your website is a small one consisting of three or four pages you may use static design. In this concern if you opt for interchanging elements from page to page you have to use same HTML coding on different pages. Static website is basically preferred because it is easier to make with simple coding and no technical knowledge will be required. In front of dynamic design, static has become obsolete as there are diverse features on a dynamic site. Dynamic Website A dynamic site does include only HTML or Java Script, but along with that scripting is also important. To make a dynamic site you should have better knowledge programming language. Using dynamic methods you can make a site that people can only read, but they can also use it. You will be better to share HTML code between two or three pages. At present most of sites are dynamic site. Each and every site contains ads, contacts and other pop-ups. These are the features of a dynamic site. Moreover to design a dynamic site one must know high level languages like Java script, PHP etc. Which one is yours? Static or Dynamic If you have a static site you can print the pages without the hyperlinks. But if you have a dynamic one, users can do more than reading. Basically, there are two internal activities of a dynamic site front end script and back end script. Front end is popularly known as Client side and back end is known as server side. So, these are all about the two. It will be more elaborate in near future. Leave your responses which one is better and your favorite.

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