Know How to Share Google Adwords, Webmaster Tools, Analytics, Google Plus Page Admin Access to Other Users

Google Ad Words Sharing:- At the present status, you should have to share your ad words account with other people having Google account without individual ad words or my client centre account. In this concern, it is very important to know how to remove access to your Ad words sharing. Look at the following:- • Restrict Security to Each Access In the snap provided below you can clearly see that you can operate the security of accessing different issues in an individual adwords account. If you have accepted any my client centre manager response and the people who have the access to manager account can receive notification emails. Such people can also modify access level to read only or standard. You will get more reference regarding the matter at manager account access levels. • Account Access If people need to access your account, they must have Google account and must have not used the account with any other ad words account. If they have already done so, they have created another. You can send invitation to this new account. You have to keep in mind several factors, like
  1.   First sign in to your adwords account
  2.   Select the accounts by clicking gear icon.
  3.   Proceed with account settings at Navigation bar.
  4.   Click on invite other users.
  5.   Put the email address of the person to be invited
  6.   From the menu of access level select and modify the limit
  7.   Click on send verification
  8.   As the person accepts your email invitation he/she will be asked a few questions about ad words account setting up.
  9.   In the pending invitation click on grant access to allow the user for accessing. If you cannot recognize the address, ask the respective user about the same for verification.
  10. After all these, click on confirm and allow access.
• How to Accept Account Access You will receive an email, titled as ‘Invitation to share an ad words account’, if any user has granted you to access an ad words account. If the email where you have got the notification is associated with other Google products, you have to use another. In this case here are the two compact solutions. i. If you have an Already Used E-mail with Google Services. You can use the e mail address or you can create a new one to use with ad words. If you have chosen the existing one, complete the invitation process or if you want to make a new look on the following. ii. If you have an E-mail without using with Google Services. This is an easy campaign. Using an existing E mail, you can easily create a new one to use with ad words. After covering these steps the person who has sent the invitation will get an alert to verify and complete the process. • How to Remove Account Access
  1.   Sign to your ad words account
  2.   Click on the account settings
  3.   From the navigation bar choose account access
  4.   Find the e mail of the respective user you want to remove in the ‘users with account access’
  5.   In the action column choose the action button
  6.   Now finally select terminate access
You may also fix a problem by sharing account access, but how. Look at the following tips • The Person is Accepting the Invitation along with a Error Message The reason of such error messages may be that the person’s email account is already linked with another ad words account. This can also occur if the email address is already listed as a secondary email in a ad words account. Besides that if the person is accepting invitations, he/she can create ad words account, but cannot accepts invitations from other existing ad words account. • Problems of removing E mail address from an account The email which have used for signing in to ad words account cannot be removed from accessing. This will be possible by singing in through another email with an admin access. • Problems while Changing Access Levels In the following aspects you will not be able to restrict the managed account users.
  1.   If you do not have admin access to MCC
  2.   You can only change another person’s access to read only or standard level.
  3.   You cannot terminate the access of those users who are invited by managed account users.
  4.   If there is only one user in the managed account section you cannot terminate the same account.
• Other Issues Related to MCC account There are other issues related to MCC account and you must cheek all the aspects by examining the learning guides of MCC access levels. How to Manage Google+ Pages There are three major administrators for Google+ Pages, such as owners, managers and communication managers. A single page must have a single owner, but there may be many managers or communication manager for a single Google+ page. By adding manager or communication manager you are trying to reduce the stress upon you as well as they will get the authority to get access into the page. The sharing will allow them page posting, sharing of many people, without having your personal login information. The most of the responsibilities rely upon the manager and most of the time it exceeds the owner. Moreover the authority to delete the page or management of access totally relies upon the owner. Besides that a communication manager has all the authorities like a manager except profile editing or starting a hangout conversation. Here is the detail snap of the responsibilities, generally performed by these figures:-

How to Add, Delete or Modify a User? You can add a user to your account and set the limits of accessibility. If you are the owner of the set you can permit a secondary user view level at any time. How to Add Users? You can add a user to view your account property through the following steps:-
  1.  At first you have to sign in to your Google analytics account.
  2.   Select the admin tab and go to the desired account.
  3.   In the account/property or view column click on user management
  4.   Now in add user permission tag, put the user’s e mail account
  5.   Select the permissions you want
  6.   Select the option-notify this user by e mail
  7.   Finally click on add
How to Modify Users? In analytics account you have the option to change the permission for a user at any time. If you have given a user the only permission to read, now you can change the same for editing. In this concern you have to remember that you cannot give the permissions of higher level access. For instance you may give permission to edit at the view level, but you may not do the same at account or property level. Check the following steps to modify permissions for a user:-
  1.   Sign in to Google analytics account
  2.   Select the admin tab and go to the desired account
  3.   In the account/property or view column click on user management
  4.   Use the search box at the top of the list to find the user
  5.   Select the account permission column
  6.   Now finally save the changes
How to Delete a User? As you can add a user, like the same you can delete. Just have a look on the following
  1. Sign in to Google analytics account
  2.   Select the admin tab and go to the desired account
  3.   Click on user management in account column
  4.   Use the search box to find the contact
  5.   Click on delete to remove the user
Share Safe Access to your Site in Webmaster Tools There is a new feature allowing a site owner after verification to permit limited access data and settings in Webmaster tools. But now, one can permit other users to do the same remarkably at limited level. With the new administration feature you can allow others to view site’s features without being able to edit all the settings. On the home page after clicking on ‘manage site’ drop down menu there is the option like ‘add or remove users’ After clicking on the same you will be brought to user administration page where you can add or remove users. There will be options for setting limit of access as ‘full’ or ‘restricted’. Attaching or removing of verified site owners is basically operated on the owner verification page which is linked from the user administration page. If you have granted full permission to a user, he/she will be able to view all the data and if you have set restricted view the granted user will be able to view least amount of data. In this case the users will be alerted by the notification like ‘restricted accesses at various points of webmaster tools. For more information you may visit permission help centre that will help operate you in a better way. Conclusion: - So, these are all about Google adwords, webmaster tools, analytics, Google plus page admin access to other users. Try all these after analyzing and leave you response how you have experienced.

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