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We Care and Support the Unfeds of  The Rural Areas of India

Since the start, we've been championing a 1:1:1 giving model, in which we contribute one percent of our service, one percent of equity, and one percent of our time to nonprofits and communities. To do it, we organize our very own ‘Feed Me’ program each year to bring a big smile to children and their families.

We feel proud in doing so, to be able to not only help children develop through proper nutrition and education but foster a healthy planet.


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Support A Company That  Cares for Unfeds!

Have you ever wanted to know what you’re doing in the world to help people? It’s time to take the first step, and it starts with a selfless, compassionate, and non-profit annual program like 'Feed Me' - a part of our Corporate Social Responsibility. With this program, we aim to empower our employees to lead volunteer efforts, engage our clients in ways that benefit others, and give back selflessly to our society to make a difference.

Our Previous  Events

We provided nutritious meals to rural families who are in need of basic necessities. We also offered educational materials to children. We feel that a healthy childhood will aid in the development of our country.


Our Previous  Events

In 2021, we served healthy meals and grocery items to over 300 underprivileged families. We also gave the kids packaged foods. We also held sporting activities to motivate the children and their parents.


Our Previous  Events

We hope to conduct our Feed Me program on a wide scale in 2022, with the goal of reaching out to more underprivileged families (estimated at 1000+). We want to help rural families with healthy meals, clothing, groceries, and other necessities.




This Year Events

Feed Me, 2023, a CSR by Zebra Techies Solution is successfully making a difference with meaning well-being for the needy. Check out the campaign details.


Take A Look At  Our Future Goal

Unconditional Support: Through our upcoming CSR events, we hope to provide basic life support( food, clothes, education, health, etc) to 1000+ rural disadvantaged households.

Food: Food scarcity affects the majority of Indian families in rural settings. We intend to provide them with nutritional meals on a wide basis. In addition, we hope to offer packed groceries to over 1500 people.

Clothing: Our mission will not be limited to simply supplying food; we will also provide clothing(around 300+ women and 200+ children) to women and children.

Education support: We want to offer all children with basic study resources (books, pencils, pens, and so on). We would also like to work and assist women's education in the future, which is a big drawback in rural areas.

Health: Women and children in rural areas suffer due to poor health, lack of hygiene, and inadequate nutrition. Our goal is to educate them while simultaneously providing soaps, sanitary napkins, and other necessities.

Sports and Cultural Programs: We enjoy encouraging kids to participate in sports. Our program isn't restricted to just that. We have plans to organize cultural activities in the future where people can hone their skills.



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