Techies Day Out 2024: A Memorable Day to Keep Locked in Our Hearts Forever

Techies Day Out 2024: A Memorable Day to Keep Locked in Our Hearts Forever

Hello, friends and patrons of ZTS Infotech Pvt. Ltd.! Hold on to your hard drives as our Techies Day Out 2024 was anything but a floppy disk. Yes, you heard it right. It was a terabyte of laughter, fun, team cohesion and bonding that has and will remain etched in our hearts and memories forever. 

A bright sunny Saturday, birds chirping all around and the ZTS crew was buzzing with excitement. On 6th Jan 2024, our chosen venue was Baine Garden at Badu Road, Madhyamgram, providing an impeccable blend of natural beauty and ample space for our tech shenanigans.

The Games Commenced:

From the moment we stepped into the beautiful spot, our competitive spirit was all ignited. From our cricket pitch that witnessed some serious sixes being hit to ‘hit-the-wicket’ games, it was all fun and joy. On the other side, laughter echoes as teams battle it out to guess the word (with high-volume earphones on) and drink within a bracketed time. From content ninjas to SEO gurus, their agility in every game proved that even the most logical minds can embrace a little friendly chaos.

Feasting Like Royalty:

Hey, wait! There’s a lot more. None of our Techies Day Out has ever been complete without a royal and delicious feast. From breakfast to lunch, the food spread was a delectable mix of Bengali and Mughlai cuisines, leaving every member pleased and ready for more fun.

Entertainment Extravaganza:

As the sun was dipping down the horizon, the real party was about to begin. Live music filled the air and super-talented Techies took the stage presenting their surprising talents which made everyone go in awe! It seemed like we had some hidden rockstars among us. And the dance floor? It became a blur of inexplicable energy and moving limbs.

Memories Made, Bonds Strengthened:

As it was near dusk, one fact was vivid: Techies Day Out 2024 was a grand success. We laughed, danced, played and most importantly, we reconnected as a team. A huge thanks in regards to the amazing organisers who poured their hearts and souls into making this event an unforgettable one. 

Until next year, adieu to all Techies and readers out there! Keep innovating and foster the igniting working spirit within you. Thank you!

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