Decoding the Importance of Earning Top-rated Plus Badge on Upwork- A Ticket to Upwork Supremacy

Decoding the Importance of Earning Top-rated Plus Badge on Upwork- A Ticket to Upwork Supremacy

Upwork - an independent and widely popular freelancing platform, connects millions of professionals and job providers all across the globe. The reported revenues of Upwork was $618.3 million in the year 2022. As per the latest updates from the experts, it is expected that the revenue growth of Upwork will reach a range of $665-$675 million in 2023, thanks to the supreme dominance of Upwork in the global workforce marketplace. So, as per the Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR), Upwork has shown a remarkable year-over-year growth rate of approximately 27.3% over the past four years. Sounds amazing, right? 


And, just imagine earning a top-rated plus badge on Upwork - how does this make sense? In simple words, any freelancer or an agency that has won a top-rated plus badge on Upwork, has already entered the list of top 3% providers of this platform. This is really big! 


In this blog, we will discuss the importance of Upwork, the various types of badges one can earn on this platform, and the vitality of earning a top-rated plus badge on Upwork.


What is Upwork?


As mentioned above, Upwork is a global freelance platform where job providers can hire individuals or agencies for different types of job roles based on hourly rate or fixed rates. 


This platform was started back in 2015. Earlier there were two biggest freelancing sites, oDesk and Elance, which later decided to join hands and become one single team to rebrand as an ultra freelancing platform - Upwork. Within a short time, Upwork became the world's one of the biggest global work markets. 


Upwork is available in over 180 countries and the biggest freelancing countries that are on Upwork are the USA, India, and the Philippines. The great thing about these three countries is that they together represent nearly 45.6% of Upwork's freelancer revenue. Upwork supports more than 200 currencies. 


How Many Freelancers And Users Are Available On Upwork In 2023?


Upwork has more than 18 million skilled freelancers and nearly 5 million clients in 2023.


The net worth of Upwork is nearly $1.55 billion as of 2023. Approximately, 66% of freelancers on Upwork are from the United States. And India is 14.2% of Upwork's top talent providers, just after the USA. You will be amazed to know that the total monthly visits on Upwork website was about 55.9 million in January 2023.


Another great thing about this platform is that it is listed on the Nasdaq stock exchange. It enhances the company's credibility and visibility as well. Trading on the Nasdaq clearly indicates that Upwork is indeed a prominent player in the industry. And, the average stock price of Upwork was nearly $11.34 in the month of February 2023.


How Many Types of Badges are Available on Upwork?


Badges serve as a wonderful means to celebrate one's achievements on Upwork. Freelancers and agencies can prominently display these badges on their profiles to showcase their remarkable accomplishments. Currently, Upwork offers more than 75 different badges that can be earned. Upwork consistently introduces fresh methods to celebrate its community members. These badges come in various categories, including achievement, Academy, event, identity, and special occasion.


The most important badges that highlight proven talent are- Rising Talent, Top-rated, Top-Rated Plus, and Expert Vetted.


To earn each badge, you need to showcase your talent, and fulfill your criteria, and then you can leverage benefits.


Why Are Badges So Important on Upwork?


Building Credibility and Trust- Upwork gives you wings to connect with clients. Earning badges helps establish credibility and trust. This clearly shows that the freelancer or agency has a track record of successfully completing projects and meeting client expectations.


Competitive Edge- Upwork is highly competitive and earning badges on this platform offers you certain benefits. Badges can give you a competitive edge by differentiating you from other competitors in the same domain.


Professionalism- Badges speak for your commitment to professionalism and a strong work ethic. New Clients who are looking for freelancers or agencies for specific job roles, will prefer the ones who have badges on their profiles since it signifies a higher level of dedication and expertise. It acknowledges their hard work, skills, and contributions to the Upwork community. 


Earning badges means earning Client Confidence: Clients often look for freelancers or agencies with specific badges to rest assured that they will align with their project needs. Badges make it easier for clients to find the right talent for specific projects.


Motivation: The pursuit of badges also motivates freelancers and agencies to set and achieve goals. It may also help them feel more accomplished as they acquire more badges over time.


What is a Top-rated Plus Badge on Upwork?


Top-rated plus badge is an elite recognition given to the top 3% performing freelancers and agencies on the platform.


The "Top Rated Plus" badge was typically awarded to freelancers and agencies who consistently show their exceptional professionalism, deliver high-quality satisfactory work, and maintain a strong reputation on the platform.


Simply put, if you become a Top Rated Plus badge owner, you will represent the top 3% of performers on Upwork.




    Eligibility Checklist To Earn A Top-Rated Plus Badge


  1. Demonstrate consistency in providing high-quality work with multiple clients
  2. Possess an outstanding Job Success Score (at least 90%)
  3. Should showcase an up-to-date and complete freelancer or agency profile
  4. Minutely list your current availability for new jobs
  5. Possess a strong earnings history
  6. Fulfill all the Upwork Terms of Service

What Are The Benefits Of Earning A Top Rated Plus Badge On Your Profile?


When you earn a top-rated plus badge, you can have the following advantages-


  • More control over your Job Success Score
  • Ability to offer consultations to share expertise with clients
  • Have feedback removal option
  • Enjoy direct Invitations to submit proposals to jobs assisted by Talent Specialists
  • Quick payments on hourly contracts
  • Our Job Digest email feature to easily find jobs that are a great match

Journey of Zebra Techies Solution Towards Becoming A Top 3% Provider On Upwork


Zebra Techies Solution (ZTS), a leading digital marketing company, continues to set new records and achieve numerous accolades from various platforms.  And, now ZTS has earned a top-rated plus-badge on Upwork after years of dedication to offering high-quality services to clients. Now, we are among the top 3% of providers on Upwork. This prestigious Top Rated Plus badge glorifies our exceptional track record in delivering results-driven SEO services in this highly competitive digital landscape.


The journey to establish Zebra Techies Solution as a leading provider on a platform like Upwork was never that easy. This company started its journey in digital marketing in 2010. Although we had a dedicated team of trained SEO experts, proficient content writers, skilled web developers, creative website designers, and seasoned digital marketing professionals, it was challenging to get new clients. The team always maintained hope and continued to upskill its knowledge and skills. Like many other small-scale companies that took time to grow, ZTS also faced numerous hurdles and finally started grabbing attention from the leading brands all across the globe. And, the team's strong commitment and excellence in delivering high-quality services ultimately paid off. 


It goes without saying that in the journey towards becoming India's one of the top-rated digital marketing companies, Upwork played a huge role for Zebra Techies Solution. Upwork not only provided ZTS with a platform to connect with potential clients all over the world but also allowed the team to demonstrate its expertise. And, earning a top-rated badge is the cherry on the top of the cake. This recognition from Upwork shows the utmost dedication, high job success rates, high quality of service, expertise, and experience of Zebra Techies Solution.


In this current scenario, ZTS collaborates with more than 450 clients on Upwork, from countries such as the UK, Australia, USA, Canada, and beyond. This company has 12 years of experience in the digital marketing realm. We have proudly offered our services to more than 7,000 clients globally. 


We specialize in offering-


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising

Social Media Optimization(SMO)

Content marketing

Web design, and development


We are among those digital marketing providers that offer the most affordable hourly rates on Upwork. Our journey towards earning the top-rated badge on Upwork is a testament to their unwavering dedication and commitment to excellence.



How Does Upwork Work?


Upwork is a platform that helps individuals and agencies to connect with job providers. It's quite simple to get started on Upwork: if you are willing to work, then you just need to sign up, create a compelling profile, showcase your areas of expertise, verify your profile, and review the proposals. If you are the job provider, you can create your profile, post job ads, or directly search for potential talents and connect with them. 


Does Upwork pay daily?


Except for Upwork Payroll, those working on hourly contracts, for them, the billing period starts on Monday and ends on the following Sunday. Your funds become available 10 days later. When working hourly contracts, Upwork automatically invoices all the time that you log into the Work Diary to the client.


Is Upwork Free or Paid?


Yes, it is totally free to join Upwork. You need to complete your profile, look for work, and create your own projects. Whether you are a freelancer or an agency, you'll need to pay a 10% service fee on contracts. 


What projects can One find on Upwork?


There are numerous clients on Upwork who are looking for different types of services in almost every industry, job, and skill set. You can find work on fixed-price and hourly contracts.


Is it easy to earn a Rising Talent Badge on Upwork?


When you are new to Upwork, you can benefit your career with a Rising Talent badge. It helps clients understand that you are among the best new freelancers or new agencies in the Upwork marketplace. For that, you need to have a 100% complete profile, demonstrate positive performance on Upwork that includes submitting high-quality proposals and being selected for jobs, and follow the Upwork Terms of Service.


How can you earn a top-rated plus badge on Upwork?


Earning a top-rated plus badge will help you become one of the top 3% providers on Upwork. To earn this badge you need to showcase your consistency for work with multiple clients and have a more than 90% Job Success Score an up-to-date and complete profile and proof of strong earnings history. You should also state your current availability for new jobs and fulfill all the Upwork Terms of Service.


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